Community, sustainability, and quality of life form the backbone of this new Skokie development. We are creating a “detached townhome” concept that offers the autonomy and space of separate single-family homes complemented by communal access areas. Staggered siting and structures prioritize light and ventilation for each unit. Dutch Woonerf principles inspired the design of a common lane which connects residents and encourages pedestrians and vehicles to safely share space. Design features such as previous pavers, rainwater harvesting, and optional green roofs and electric-car-charging facilities in each unit will make these new townhomes forward-looking, efficient, and sustainable for years to come. 



22,248 SF / 3,819 SF per unit 



  • 2-car garage 

  • Flex room (for use as a bedroom, office, or family room) 

  • Family room 

  • Living and dining room 

  • Powder room 

  • Kitchen 

  • 3 bedrooms 

  • 3 1/2 bathrooms 

  • Laundry room 

  • Storage and utility area 


Architecture:                    a+c architects 

Interior Design:                a+c architects  

Mechanical / Electrical:  Designteq Consulting Engineers 
Structural:                         Carsello Engineering Inc. 

Landscape Architecture: T.B.D. 

GC:                                    Varda & Company, LLC   


We are a group of architects and engineers working collaboratively to make a positive impact on the built environment.  From our large light filled studio, we focus our energy on diverse projects, working together to create spaces that will inspire and hold meaning for our clients and the collective community.  Regardless of project type or scale, we see every design as an opportunity to fulfill client goals and fuel our passion for architecture.