Glenview, Illinois

A stunning mix of natural materials anchors this house in its park-like setting. We used smooth and rough treatments to add texture to the house’s stone exterior. The variation in stone creates horizontal shadow lines that are contemporary in their design. We selected light, reflective roofing material to maximize energy efficiency. The house is equipped with a geothermal system among many other sustainable design features.



  • 12000 SF

  • 9bedroom, 12 bathroom, roof deck, theater, living room, dining room den, office, breakfast area, 4 car garage,



Architecture: a+c architects

Interior Design: a+c architects

Engineering: a+c architects

Civil: HK Consultants

Photography: Patsy McEnroe Photography


We are a group of architects and engineers working collaboratively to make a positive impact on the built environment.  From our large light filled studio, we focus our energy on diverse projects, working together to create spaces that will inspire and hold meaning for our clients and the collective community.  Regardless of project type or scale, we see every design as an opportunity to fulfill client goals and fuel our passion for architecture.