Bond Coffee Collective


We took into consideration the shape of the building when repurposing the old bank building and added some unique features to the exterior and incorporated the existing drive-thru into the business. We designed a warm but creative environment that allowed for different seating experiences for individuals and groups using different materials and textures. There was a limited amount of space for the kitchen and service areas, so we carefully selected every piece of equipment to maximize both space and operation efficiency. Lighting design was used to bring all the components together. 




Architecture & Interior: a + c architects

Structural: Carsello Engineering

Interior: Loop Studio

MEP: DesignTeq Consulting Engineers

Photography: Patsy McEnroe Photography


We are a group of architects and engineers working collaboratively to make a positive impact on the built environment.  From our large light filled studio, we focus our energy on diverse projects, working together to create spaces that will inspire and hold meaning for our clients and the collective community.  Regardless of project type or scale, we see every design as an opportunity to fulfill client goals and fuel our passion for architecture.